Nov: Breath of Creation

GregAnneRecital with Greg Dikmans, Castlemaine Festival.

Nov: Jouissance

Recital in the Collins Street Grand Music Promenade.

Oct: Further development and rehearsals

For "Kagome" sponsored by a second grant from the Australia Council

Oct: Song of the Wailing Flute

Recital to accompany the poetry of Gina Louis, Labassa, Caulfield.

Oct: Melb Improvisors Association

With Michael Livett at Budinskis, Carlton.

Oct: Nadoya Music and Dance Company

Outdoor performances for the Melbourne International Festival of the Arts.

Sep: Breath of Creation

Recital in the Melbourne University. 1888 Concert series

Aug: Atsumori theatre piece

Directed by Greg Dyson performed at Japan Festival, Sydney Town Hall

Aug: Illusions

Melbourne concert of visiting koto virtuoso Kazue Sawai, St John's Southgate

Jul: A season of Rensei

Contemporary Noh theatre piece directed by Greg Dyson at Dance House

Jul: Flutes of the World

The Boite World Music Cafe, Nth Fitzroy.

Jul: Elysium recital

With Greg Dikmans at the National Recorder Festival, Toorak Uniting Church.

Jun: Contrasts New Music Forum

St John's Southgate, with Kim Bastin.

May: Jouissance

Recital at St Agnes Church.

Apr: Breath of Creation

CD Launch, at Labassa, Caulfield.

Apr: Linden gallery new music concert

St Kilda, Melbourne.


Night Club Comedy Show at Budinski's Theatre of Exile, produced by Fujiyama Mama.

Mar: Moomba performances

With Michael Livett, Satsuki Odamura and Nadoya Music and Dance Company in the Alexandra Gardens, Melbourne.

Feb: A season of ATSUMORI

Theatre piece directed by Greg Dyson at Dance House, Melbourne.

Feb: Point & Counterpoint

Nadoya Music and Dance Company, Great Hall, National Gallery, Melbourne