June 1997: Hildegard's Blood

Recording of the Jouissance CD 'Hildegard's Blood' at Studio 56, Collingwood.


Oct: Hibiki

3 performances with visiting drummers Rindo Daiko, Assembly Hall, Melbourne

Sept: Dancing Nature

Variety performance of Japanese arts through The Boite, Theatreworks, Melbourne.

Sept 12th 1997: Nihon Buyoh in Sydney

shakuhachi performance with Machiko Kaneko (nihon buyo dance), Satsuki Odamura (koto), Riley Lee (shakuhachi) et al as part of the Sydney Asian Theatre Festival, Belvoire Street Theatre. Auspiced by the Australian Institute of Eastern Music.

Aug/Sept: artist in schools Japanese Music and Dance

With Machiko Kaneko (dance). Tour through South Australia organised by Nexus Arts.

Aug/Oct: Jouissance

Recitals in Melbourne and Albury NSW

Jul: Out of the Night

Recital with Peter Neville & Nick Tsiavos, Footscray Community Arts Centre

Jul: Driftwood

Recital with Michael Livett & guests Jarek Czechovicz & Peter Haydon, at Aerostato, Melbourne

Jul: The Name of the Bud

National Gallery, Melbourne, performance with Satsuki Odamura, Riley Lee, Toshi Sakamoto & Andrew MacGreggor

Jul: Vivace

Channel 31, television broadcast of performance with Greg Dikmans

Jun: RooFRooF

Multi-media installation piece, Producer: Lim Tzay Chuen

Jun: Issun Booshi

Musical production at Malvern Central School, written and produced by Anne Norman

Apr: The Last Egg

Duo with dancer Tony Yap, Ausdance showcase, Chapel off Chapel, Prahran.

Apr: Moonlight Nocturne

Recital with Andrew MacGregor, Riley Lee & Toshi Sakamoto, Melba Hall, Melbourne

Mar: Heavens Burning

Recording artist on the sound track of the movie, Screenwriter: Louis Nowra, Director: Craig Lahiff, Staring: Russell Crowe & Youki Kudoh.

Mar: Butoh Taiko Shishi

Director/performer, 4 outdoor taiko and butoh performances in the Victorian Arts Centre Vic Health Festival. Featuring Yumi Umiumare & Tony Yap (butoh dance); Toshinori Sakamoto & Murasaki Daiko (taiko drums); Anne Norman (shakuhachi and fue).


Feb: Between Heaven and Earth

With Machiko Kaneko (Nihon Buyo dance). A recital of music and dance, featuring Anne's original music and improvisations with shakuhachi, biwa, koto, bass koto, & shamisen. Osaka, Japan.

Lessons with Tajima Tadashi, Yamaguchi Goro, Nakamura Shindo. Meeting with Prof Tsukitani Tsuneko. Also attended the Tokyo Performing Arts Market. And to Korea and lessons on Korean taegum (daegeum) flute in Seoul with Won Jang-hyon.