Dec 23rd 2007: ABC Sunday Live concert

Jouissance - concert and direct broadcast around the country on ABC Classic FM concerts

Nov 9th 2007: Jouissance in Mornington

JOUISSANCE present 'Hagiographia' for the Peninsula Music Society

Oct 6th - Nov 7th 2007: School Shows in QLD

Anne performs solo shows O-Musubi Kororin and duo TAIKO Drums and Flutes of Japan school shows in Queensland

Sept 28th 2007: KULCHA club in Fremantle

Improvisations and Reflections - for shakuhachi, winds and strings
Visiting from the east coast, Shakuhachi player extraordinaire, Anne Norman, will be joined by multi-reedman, Mark Cain (Nova & Ozmosis), double bassist, Manoli Vouyoucalos (Indo-jazz & Miracle Band X and string and percussion player, Jamie David (Miracle Band X) for an evening of improvisations and reflections @ KULCHA Fremantle

Sept 25th 2007: recording session

Anne records a track on CD by Michael Done in Ferndale studio, WA

Sept 17th - 28th 2007: O-Musubi Kororin in Perth

Anne performs O-Musubi Kororin solo school shows in Perth, WA

Aug 20th - Sept 7th 2007: O-Musubi Kororin in QLD

O-Musubi Kororin solo show in schools in Queensland

Aug 6th - 17th 2007: O-Musubi Kororin in Vic

Anne performs O-Musubi Kororin solo school shows in Victoria.

Aug 2nd 2007: Chefs Of The Great Hotels Of The World - Savoy Hotel London

Anne's shakuhachi featured on the sound track of the TV Documentary Series: Chefs Of The Great Hotels Of The World. Aired on SBS television at 1pm on Thursday 2nd Aug 2007
Directed and Produced by Ron V Brown. Created by Forté Communications Australia. Music Composed and Performed by Nicholas Buc, Hugh Croswaite, Simon Charles. Shakuhachi performed by Anne Norman

Aug 1st & 2nd 2007: Issun Boshi ­ Inch High Samurai

Four performances of Anne¹s bilingual musical 'Issun Boshi ­ Inch High Samurai' by the grade 3 & 4 students of Sale Primary School 545 in Gippsland, Victoria

June 18th 2007: Club Zho in Perth

Anne Norman (shakuhachi) performs improvisations with Tos Mahoney (flute) and Ross Bolleter (accordion). 8pm at The Bakery Perth WA.

Jun 4th 2007: Pi Ensemble in Fremantle and Perth

Guest performer with the Pi Ensemble's Neither here nor there: ­ a festival of improvised music presented in 10 mini concerts in 10 heritage buildings across Fremantle with Musicians: Lee Buddle, Jess Ipkendanz, Dominic Perissinotto, Mel Robinson, Paul Tanner, Cathie Travers, David Pye, Ross Bolleter, Mark Cain, Tos Mahoney, and Anne Norman

May 21st - 25th 2007: TAIKO Drums and Flute in SA

TAIKO Drums and Flutes of Japan  school shows in South Australia with Toshi Sakamoto

May 10th & 11th 2007: Water, Wind and Earth

a recital of koto and shakuhachi music by Izumi Fujikawa (koto) and Anne Norman (shakuhachi)
at Box Hill Community Arts Centre, Victoria, presented by The Boite

May 6th 2007: Jouissance in Canberra

Jouissance performs in the International Chamber Music Festival in Canberra

April 29th 2007: Autumnal Tea Gathering

Shakuhachi performance prior to three traditional Japanese Tea Ceremonies at the Autumnal Tea Gathering of the Chado Urasenko Tankokai Melbourne Assoc. in Toorak, Melbourne

April 5th 2007: The Last Atomic Bomb

Shakuhachi is played by Anne Norman following the screening of The Last Atomic Bomb. This is followed by a speech by the film's producer, Kathleen Sullivan from USA.

April 3rd 2007: Jouissance at Scots Church

A Lunch time performance by Jouissance at Scots church, Melbourne

Mar 31 2007: Lake Bolac Eel Festival


"First Step" ....   and   "Solid Rock" with the Songmen

Anne played a solo bracket in the afternoon, then joined Shane Howard (song writer) Neil Murray (guitar), Lee Morgan (electric guitar), Bart Willoughby (drums) ... in an impromptu performance of Solid Rock in the evening at the Eel Festival. (Shakuhachi gets wound into the mix around the 4 minute mark).
The solo shown here is the first 'dan' of Rokudan no Shirabe 六段の調べ performed on 1.6 shakuhachi. Video: David Nicholson.

Feb 12th - Mar 2nd 2007: O-Musubi Kororin in Vic & SA

O-Musubi Kororin shows in schools in Victoria & South Australia


Jan 18th 2007: Akathistos Fragments


Jouissance records a new CD in the Iwaki Auditorium, ABC, Melbourne.

Review by Realtime: "Under artistic director Nick Tsiavos, Jouissance has produced a unique, lyrical and musically complex take on sixth century Byzantine chorale with contemporary fusions... The recording is simultaneously seductive yet complex, far from the faux historicism of most Gregorian chant recordings... The CD begins with passages of often highly syncopated singing from Kayser, answered by active contemporary instrumental responses. Norman makes the most of the special character of the shakuhachi: sharp, highly pitched accents and extended, stretched notes hover over the other instruments or make up short lead sections. Periods of sustained, strongly tongued vibrato feature within the most intense exchanges, such as the tightly controlled storm of instruments on track five (a Thracian dance)... There is an implicit narrative at the heart of the Byzantine motifs reworked here, which although related in the liner notes, remains largely opaque to modern listeners. This matters little however as the sheer gorgeousness of these works, tinged with a sense of divine tragedy, more than carries the cycle. In the context of so much spiky, acerbic New Music, it is a rare pleasure to find such a luscious new work."  Jonathan Marshall