Dec 14th 2008: Wadaiko Rindo

Guest artist at Toshi Sakamoto's end of year Wadaiko Rindo concert performing music for a Kagura dance piece.
2pm to 4.30pm at Our Lady of Mercy College, 52 Cape Street Heidelberg. Adult $15 (advance ticket $10), Conc. $10

Dec 13th 2008: World Shakuhachi Chamber Music Composition Competition

ShakuhachiFestivalThe inaugural Concert of the
World Shakuhachi Chamber Music Composition Competition
Featuring the top 3 compositions plus new works comissioned by Johanna Selleck.
Performers: Stefan Cassomenos, Antony Field, Bronwyn Kirkpatrick, Andrew MacGregor, Caerwen Martin, Anne Norman, Merlyn Quaife, Silo String Quartet, Speak Percussion, Eugene Ughetti, VCA guitar ensemble.
3.30 pm, 13th December, 2008, Melba Hall, University of Melbourne.
Anne performed works by Doug Gibson and Jo Selleck. Her performance of Doug Gibsons' work won audience choice and favourite composition.



Dec 6th 2008: The Boite End of Year Concert

The Boite World Music Cafe  End of Year Concert.
A grand showcase of artists from the Boite 2008 season of brilliant world music in Melbourne! Saturday from 5pm onwards.

Nov 17-21st 2008: Teabag Sucker shoot

Directing video shoot of Teabag Sucker film clip at Deakin University Studios. A Camellia Cha project.

Nov 15th 2008: Mia Mia with Dean Frenkle

Outdoor performance with Dean Frenkle (Harmonic overtone singer). Westerfolds park Mia Mia gallery on Saturday afternoon.


Nov 9th 2008: "Ring The Bells"

Three workshops for kids aged 8-12 at Birrarung Marr Melbourne, offering the opportunity to learn how to write music using a computer and hear it performed on the Federation Bells installation in Birrarung Marr.

Nov 2nd 2008: Curiosi-tea and Impro in Adelaide

Anne Norman & David Kotlowy: A Sunday evening of Shakuhachi improvisations and readings from Anne Norman's up-coming book Curiosi-tea with guest artist David Kotlowy on ruined piano and prepared guitar. De la Catessen - Adelaide

Oct 27th - Nov 5th 2008: O-MUSUBI KORORIN in SA

Solo performances in Adelaide Schools on tour through Nexus Arts

Oct 27th 2008: Matsuri on Mobara

Koto and shakuhachi: Miyama McQueen Tokita & Anne Norman. Featured at the Matsuri on Mobara festival, City of Salisbury, SA (25 km North of Adelaide).

Oct 13 - 17th 2008: O-MUSUBI KORORIN in Hobart

Tasmania: Solo performances in Hobart Schools on tour through Nexus Arts

Oct 3 – 5th 2008: Sounds Outback Festival, WA

Wogarno Station, Mount Magnet
A weekend of New Music and sonic discovery in the heart of the Mid West. Performances, sound installations, interactive workshops, artist talks, station tours and nature walks. The Festival kicks off with the ‘Sounds Outback Opening Concert’ at Lizard Rock, where you will experience your first taste of sonic magic under a canopy of stars in deckchair seating. Featuring Colin Offord's Great Island Mouthbow with projections of Yeh Yilan and Nova Ensemble's string theory with the amazing bowed Om, accompanied by Oysters on the Rocks. Saturday night heralds the festival’s centre-piece event, ‘Sounds Under the Stars’, which transforms the outside of the Shearing Shed into a fantastical performance space drenched in a spectacle of stunning audio and visual technology. The Festival ends with a spectacular sunset concert on the infamous Wogarno Hill with Alan Lamb's internationally renowned Wire Music installation. Presented by TURA New Music.
Featuring: Colin Offord (QLD), Jon Rose (NSW), Robin Fox (VIC), Nova Ensemble (WA), Mr Sister (WA), Taal Naan (WA), Anne Norman (VIC), Alan Lamb (WA), David Burraston (NSW), Hollis Taylor (USA).

Sept 27th 2008: Nova Ensemble in WA

The Nova Ensemble 2008 project: sculptural instruments - sculptural music. String Theory.
A new Nova line-up - new instruments - new music - new directions. The ensemble will perform on experimental instruments designed and built by members of the group including large string drone instruments and tuned metallophones. Music inspired by Indonesian gamelan gong cycles, Indian drones, Asian scales, Japanese detail - a hypnotic spacious music - meditative performances in the desert under the stars - delicate intimate flute lines - resonant gongs - cosmic string chords - mesmerising movement - flowing lines - everything lit by firelight, moonlight, starlight ...
Anne Norman - shakuhachi; Lee Buddle - various flutes & reeds; Mel Robinson - cello; Steve Richter - percussion; Josh Hogan - percussion; David Pye - bowed om & percussion; Alan Lamb - bowed om
September 27 - Dwellingup;  September 28 - Gingin (Gravity Discovery Centre)

September 26 CHIKA Adelaide CD Launch

CDchikaTHThe music for CHIKA was composed by Thomas Fitzgerald, with one exquisite work, the Koto Solo by Satsuki Odamura. This unusual collaboration of instruments featuring koto, shakuhachi, wadaiko, acoustic and electric violin and keyboards, blends live music and pre recorded acoustic and electronic sounds with a unique result. It is the sum of these myriad combinations of a surreal reality that have become CHIKA's musical world. Chika Soundtrack page

September 8-19 Drums & Flutes of Japan

Performances in Perth and Kalgoolie schools with taiko performer Toshi Sakamoto on tour through NEXUS ARTS

Sept 2-5th 2008: O-MUSUBI KORORIN in WA

Solo performances in Perth Schools on tour through Nexus Arts

Aug 27th 2008: Ukiyoe project

Studio recording on Ryuteki and shakuhachi (with Noriko Tadao, shamisen, and Toshi Sakamoto, taiko) for the National Gallery of Victoria animated Ukiyoe project.

Aug 10 to 24th 2008: School Shows in NT

Performances and solo school shows in the Northern Territory through Nexus Arts

Aug 9th 2008: Angel of the Wind

The Angel of the Wind film shown as part of the Melbourne International Film Festival. Its sound track features Anne Norman's composition 'Deep Sea Divers'.

July 21- Aug 1 Drums & Flutes of Japan

Performances in Brisbane schools with taiko performer Toshi Sakamoto on tour through NEXUS ARTS

July 19 2008: "Silhouette Scampering" at the Boite

An evening of improvisations with Anne Norman (shakuhachi), Susan Taylor (dance), Philip Flavin (shamisen), Jess Ipkandanz (violin), Mel Robinson (cello), Ryan Griffith (guitar/shamisen). Boite World Music Café Mark Street Hall, North Fitzroy, Melbourne.

July 4-8th 2008: World Shakuhachi Festival, Sydney

An invited performer at the World Shakuhachi Festival 2008 in Sydney
Concert of Contemporary Works for Shakuhachi: A concert of a wide variety of performers and compositions. Anne premiers of a new work by SATO Yoko, with 21 string koto player Fujikawa Izumi "Callings" - shakuhachi and 21 string koto
Marty Regan mini concert: Anne performs in 2 compositions by American composer Marty Regan: "flamefox" - shakuhachi quartet "dragoneyes" - shakuhachi, 21 string koto (Fujikawa Izumi) and shamisen (Philip Flavin)

July 3rd 2008: Callings: The Musical Language of Japan

Recital by Izumi Fujikawa (koto), Anne Norman (shakuhachi) with guest artist Philip Flavin (shamisen) 
For the third year, we welcomed Anne Norman and Izumi Fujikawa to Beleura, they present a superb, moving and very different concert ­ "Callings", a wonderful introduction to the musical language of Japan. At Beleura House and Garden, Mornington


Solo performances in Canberra Schools on tour through Nexus Arts

June 7th 2008: "Ring The Bells"

Two workshops for kids aged 8-12 at ArtPlay. Learn how to write music using a computer and hear it performed on the Federation Bells installation in Birrarung Marr.

May 27 - June 6 Drums & Flutes of Japan

Performances in Brisbane schools with taiko performer Toshi Sakamoto on tour through NEXUS ARTS

May 18th 2008: Fine Blue Thread

Sam Evans (tabla) : Helen Mountfort (cello) : Ria Soemardjo (vocal) with guest artist Anne Norman (shakuhachi) at Northcote Uniting Church

May 11th 2008: Hildegard von Bingen by candlelight

 Jouissance performs in the Canberra International Music Festival CIMF

"... the radical vocal expressiveness/expressionism present in the performance of Bingen by Jouissance in the ‘mainstream’part of the festival. There, Deborah Kayser’s voice carved an achingly layered geology of quarter and semitones, scrolling through melisma with consummate musicianship and passionate grace" Zsuzsanna Soboslay RealTime issue #86 Aug-Sept 2008 pg. 42 

Jouissance explores the dialogues between ancient chant and contemporary culture. The musicians share a fascination with the mysticism, sensuality and rapture found in the works of Hildegard von Bingen, Peter Abelard and the Byzantine Rite. Jouissance is both a homage and a critical renewal of ancient chant; a uniquely Antipodean response to these texts.

May 10th 2008: Sonic Sculpture in Canberra

An Autumn prom style performance in different spaces at the National Gallery of Australia featuring artists from the Canberra International Music Festival CIMF, including members of Jouissance, Louise Page, soprano, Rose Holcombe, piano, The Sculthorpe Quartet and William Barton, didjeridu.

March 30 : Spring Wine and Music, Kumamoto, Kyushu

logoPDFAn intimate concert in Peace Court Salon, featuring Fujikawa Izumi and Miyazaki Miyako (koto), and Anne Norman (shakuhachi).

March 29 : Japanese Soul, in Fukuoka

logoPDFA fabulous program of contemporary Japanese compositions and improvisations featuring Fujikawa Izumi and Miyazaki Miyako (koto), Anne Norman (shakuhachi), Goto (violinist and concert director of the Fukuoka Philharmonic Orchestra) and Motoko Ikeda (improvising dancer from Tokyo) at 'Muse Oda' in Suenaga Cultural Centre in Fukuoka, a lovely gallery of modern art with a collection of Hiroki Oda’s art.

March 23 Kumamoto, Kyushu

A light-hearted performance of shakuhachi and koto with shamisen by Iemoto Fukushima Chikuho, Hayashi (percussion) and dance in a small venue outside the Kumamoto Castle, in Kyushu.

March 5 - 8th CHIKA Sydney Season

eventChikaPoster2008This is the story of Chika Honda.

Chika is a real person. She is a Japanese woman who spent a decade in Australian jails for a crime she has always insisted she did not commit. She was one of a Japanese tour group who were arrested for importation of heroin in 1992. She was released on parole in November 2002 and is now living in Japan.

CHIKA is a multi-layered production & contemporary story telling, crossing genres of journalism, visual and performing arts, incorporating original live music, dance and narration, documentary images, archival video and recorded interviews.

Artists: Mayu Kanamori, Tom Fitzgerald, Anne Norman, Satsuki Odamura, Toshinori Sakamoto, Andrei Shabunov, Yumi Umiumare, Nick Franklin, Malcolm Blaylock

Japan Foundation Arts NSWMoshi Moshi PagesABC Radio NationalAustralia Council for the Arts Performance Space


February 16th CHIKA Fundraiser Melbourne

Thank you all who contributed to the success of the CHIKA Melbourne Fundraiser - those who attended the performance, performers Anne Norman (Shakuhachi), Yumi Umiumare (Butoh), Toshi Sakamoto (Japanese traditional drum), Noriko Tadano (Tsugaru Jamisen), guest speaker Mr Remy van de Wiel (QC) and MC Yoko Davies (former producer of Japanese program, SBS Radio).


February 26 to 28 Drums & Flutes of Japan

Performances in Adelaide schools with taiko performer Toshi Sakamoto on tour through NEXUS ARTS