May 11th 2008: Hildegard von Bingen by candlelight

 Jouissance performs in the Canberra International Music Festival CIMF

"... the radical vocal expressiveness/expressionism present in the performance of Bingen by Jouissance in the ‘mainstream’part of the festival. There, Deborah Kayser’s voice carved an achingly layered geology of quarter and semitones, scrolling through melisma with consummate musicianship and passionate grace" Zsuzsanna Soboslay RealTime issue #86 Aug-Sept 2008 pg. 42 

Jouissance explores the dialogues between ancient chant and contemporary culture. The musicians share a fascination with the mysticism, sensuality and rapture found in the works of Hildegard von Bingen, Peter Abelard and the Byzantine Rite. Jouissance is both a homage and a critical renewal of ancient chant; a uniquely Antipodean response to these texts.