March 5 - 8th CHIKA Sydney Season

eventChikaPoster2008This is the story of Chika Honda.

Chika is a real person. She is a Japanese woman who spent a decade in Australian jails for a crime she has always insisted she did not commit. She was one of a Japanese tour group who were arrested for importation of heroin in 1992. She was released on parole in November 2002 and is now living in Japan.

CHIKA is a multi-layered production & contemporary story telling, crossing genres of journalism, visual and performing arts, incorporating original live music, dance and narration, documentary images, archival video and recorded interviews.

Artists: Mayu Kanamori, Tom Fitzgerald, Anne Norman, Satsuki Odamura, Toshinori Sakamoto, Andrei Shabunov, Yumi Umiumare, Nick Franklin, Malcolm Blaylock

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