Sept 27th 2008: Nova Ensemble in WA

The Nova Ensemble 2008 project: sculptural instruments - sculptural music. String Theory.
A new Nova line-up - new instruments - new music - new directions. The ensemble will perform on experimental instruments designed and built by members of the group including large string drone instruments and tuned metallophones. Music inspired by Indonesian gamelan gong cycles, Indian drones, Asian scales, Japanese detail - a hypnotic spacious music - meditative performances in the desert under the stars - delicate intimate flute lines - resonant gongs - cosmic string chords - mesmerising movement - flowing lines - everything lit by firelight, moonlight, starlight ...
Anne Norman - shakuhachi; Lee Buddle - various flutes & reeds; Mel Robinson - cello; Steve Richter - percussion; Josh Hogan - percussion; David Pye - bowed om & percussion; Alan Lamb - bowed om
September 27 - Dwellingup;  September 28 - Gingin (Gravity Discovery Centre)