Jan 24th 2010: A Summer Meditation in Taste, Sound & Flora

A Summer MeditationKaiseki (multi course dinner) by Hide’ Shibata; Shakuhachi (Zen bamboo flute) by Anne Norman; Ikebana (live flower arrangements) by Shosho Shimbo.
Hide’ Shibata brings his culinary skill to the traditional art of Kaiseki, a multi course dinner using the best of seasonal produce, giving it a unique and modern interpretation.He is joined by Ikebana practitioner Shoso Shimbo and renowned Shakuhachi performer Anne Norman, bringing together the elements of spontaneous Zen arts in the form of fresh food, flower arrangement and sonic gestures from the bamboo flute.
Kaiseki 懐石 has its origins in a course of dishes served to welcome guests before serving tea in the Japanese Tea Ceremony. The delicate and subtle combinations of flavours will awaken your sense of taste to a whole new experience.
The Shakuhachi 尺八 was originally used by Zen monks to aid in their meditation. Its soulful sound will reach your spirit and take you on a peaceful journey.
Ikebana 生け花 is the art of Japanese flower arrangement. It is a creative art with a contemplative aspect and has strong links with Zen meditation. Through Ikebana, we can develop a sense of respect for nature and reflect upon the search for our place within the natural world.
At: Mitsuno, 16 Glenferrie Rd Malvern (Melbourne)