Dec 31st 2010: Om Dhum So Ha - Gyuto Monks of Tibet

GyutoMonksAnne joined the Gyuto Monks of Tibet on New Years Eve on the beach in Dromana on the Mornington Peninsula.
a melody unfolds on shakuhachi
dancing above the deep harmonic chant
bright stars fill the sky
fireworks burst forth near and far
waves gently lap near the feet of the monks
a deep sense of peace and gratitude...
the new year begins

Dec 19th 2010: Jouissance at Iwaki

Jouissance is performing once again at the Iwaki Auditorium for a Live broadcast on 'Sunday Live' on ABC Classic FM radio and we would love to have a big audience. Its free! So please join us. Bring a friend for a Christmas treat with a post post modern Byzantine twist...
Sunday Live at 3pm in the Iwaki Auditorium, ABC Southbank Centre, Melbourne
Free admission - no booking needed

This was a FULL HOUSE! Thank you to all who came.


Nov 28th 2010: The Magi

Choir of Newman College Concert Series: Concert No. 3
The Magi takes its inspiration from the three Wise Men and the distant countries from which they travelled - the Middle East, Africa and the Far East. The concert juxtaposes Western Renaissance motets and chant with pilgrimage songs and music from the lands traditionally associated with the three Wise Men – the Middle East, the Far East and Africa. In this collaboration of Western and world music styles, the Choir of Newman College is accompanied by instruments as diverse as the shakuhachi, the Middle-Eastern oud and darbuka, and African percussion.
The Newman College choir conducted by Gary Ekkel, with guest artists: Philip Gunter (oud); Matt Stonehouse (Middle-Eastern percussion); Hailleluel Gebre-Selasse (African chant and percussion); and Anne Norman (shakuhachi)

Nov 8th – 19th: KASA JIZO and the Wonderful Hat Song

Performances in Perth Schools WA on tour through through NEXUS ARTS

Oct 25th – Nov 5th : TAIKO

Performances in Brisbane schools QLD with taiko performer Toshi Sakamoto on tour through NEXUS ARTS

Oct 11th – 21st: KASA JIZO and the Wonderful Hat Song

Performances in Hobart Schools TAS on tour through through NEXUS ARTS

September 28th 2010: The Joan Saxton Lecture Luncheon Club

Guest Speaker: Anne Norman
Anne performs excerpts from her book as well as shakuhachi, and tells of her adventures in China and Japan in her quest for knowledge about tea. Anne has degrees in music and ethnomusicology from universities in Australia and Japan, and has a serious dependency on sencha green tea, developed between bouts of hyperventilation while studying shakuhachi (bamboo flute) in Kobe in the mid 1980s
The Joan Saxton Lecture Lunch Club at The Gables, 15 Finch Street , East Malvern, Victoria. Bookings: The Gables (03) 9571 6631. Two course lunch with wine and coffee $45.00

September 26th: AFTERNOON absurdiTEA with Camellia Cha

AvatarGlassesA delicious blend of poetry with musicali-tea from India, Tibet, China and Japan.
Anne Norman (poetry and shakuhachi)
Tenzin Choegyal (voice and Tibetan instruments)
Wang Zheng Ting & the Australian Chinese Ensemble
Jay Dabgar (Tabla) & Josh Bennett (sitar and guitar)
 OzAsia Festival, Adelaide Festival Centre
A 90 minute performance from 2pm in the Space Theatre
OzAsia Festival

Sept 18th 2010: Geelong Chorale Concert

Anne performed 'LIGHT RAIN’ for shakuhachi and string quartet, composed and conducted by: Lachlan Skipworth Also on the program was ‘REQUIEM’ by Karl Jenkins, performed by Lachlan Skipworth (shakuhachi) and the Geelong Chorale
Wesley Uniting Church, Geelong

Sept 6th – 17th : KASA JIZO and the Wonderful Hat Song

Performances in Brisbane Schools QLD on tour through through NEXUS ARTS

Aug 16th – 27th : KASA JIZO and the Wonderful Hat Song

Performances in Brisbane Schools QLD on tour through through NEXUS ARTS

Aug 8th 2010: Hiroshima & Nagasaki Memorial Concert

Sixty-five years after the devastation of Hiroshima and Nagasaki by nuclear blasts, Japanese for Peace will bring together a diverse array of inspiring musicians, speakers and citizens of the world in a concert to celebrate peace and imagine a world without nuclear threat. The 6th annual peace concert will feature acoustic performances from local, indigenous and traditional Japanese musicians: Anne Norman - Shakuhachi; Dean Frenkel - Overtone Singer, Didgeridoo; Lee Morgan - Indigenous singer/songwriter guitarist; Liz Frencham - Singer/Songwriter; Wadaiko Rindo & Ayako Sato - Japanese Drums; Guest Speaker: Dave Sweeney ­ Australian Conservation Foundation
Sunday 8 August 2010, 3:00 ­ 5:00 pm at State Library of Victoria, Village Roadshow Theatrette
Tickets at door: $15/$10 conc. Japanese for Peace  Kaz 0413 849 984 This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Sponsored by Australian Conservation Foundation,  Victorian Multicultural Commission

July 26th – Aug 6th 2010: TAIKO

Performances in Cairns schools QLD with taiko performer Toshi Sakamoto on tour through NEXUS ARTS

June 28th – July 2nd 2010: KASA JIZO and the Wonderful Hat Song

Solo performances in Perth Schools WA on tour through through NEXUS ARTS

May 26th – June 4th 2010: TAIKO

Performances in Perth schools WA with taiko performer Toshi Sakamoto on tour through NEXUS ARTS

May 23rd 2010: Canberra International Music Festival

logo PDFJouissance performs Music by Byzantine composer & poetess, Kassia
Deborah Kayser (soprano), Jerzy Kozlowski (baritone/bass), Peter Neville (percussion), Nick Tsiavos (doublebass), Anne Norman (shakuhachi). Canberra International Music Festival
"Jouissance have a very passionate following for their work, with a growing audience. I always feel it a privilege to hear them perform." Zsuzsi Soboslay. Canberra Times, May 2010.

May 20th 2010: Balance Sound Meditation

Garth Stone & Elise McColl with Special Guests Anne Norman & Jess Ipkendanz
Relax and rejuvenate in comfortable and intimate surroundings as you deepen your meditation practice by immersing yourself in ambient sound. Anne is an intuitive shakuhachi performer, improviser and composer, working in a diverse range of music creation. Jess is a musician, composer and visual artist who has performed solo works in Australia, Japan, Germany, Denmark and Italy. Organised by

May 14th 2010: Music of the Tea Lands

BOITE CafeWatch an elegant Japanese Tea Ceremony performed by Adam Wojcinski while feasting your ears on music from countries where the bounty of tea is revered: Japan and Ireland; with Anne Norman - shakuhachi, Mel Robinson - cello and Liminality - Cath Connelly, harp and Greg Hunt, fiddle. Also featured is live performance of large ink brush calligraphy by Shingo Nozao, and poetry by Camellia Cha. Boite World Music Cafe

March 27th 2010: Lake Bolac Eel Festival

Brolga Twilight Celebration 

BrolgaJessHelenAnne The Kikkabush women will return with Mother Eel and aboriginal dancers cordinated by Gunditjmara leader, Adeline McDonald, will perform traditional brolga dances and indigenous brolga tales around the campfire on the shores of Lake Bolac. Also celebrating the local Brolgas and environment are composer Anne Norman performing on shakuhachi with violinist/vocalist Jess Ipkendanz, celiist Helen Mountford and local musicians 'end of March', the Brolga Choir directed by Jeanette Hajncl, audience participation, and choreography of local dancers by Susan Taylor with giant brolga puppets.   Lake Bolac Eel Festival


March 20th 2010: The Third Australia-Japan Peace Forum

Making the Abolition of Nuclear Weapons a Reality
Guest Speakers: Professor Yuki Tanaka, Hiroshima Peace Institute; Associate Professor Tilman Ruff, University of Melbourne, former President of Medical Association of Prevention of War
Performer: Anne Norman, Shakuhachi
Japanese for Peace (JfP) will mark the 65th anniversary of the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki with a forum to discuss what steps we can take to help create a nuclear-free world, as part of the lead-up to the NPT Review Conference in May. We expect the forum will attract people with different backgrounds, who come together to work for the common cause of eradicating nuclear weapons, so they will never threaten human beings again.

Feb 28th 2010: "Ring The Bells"

Anne helps children to compose for Melbourne¹s fabulous Federation Bells

at Artplay, Birrarung Marr, Melbourne.


Feb 7th 2010: Music for the Soul

Fine Blue Thread: Helen Mountfort - Cello, Ria Soemardjo - Voice, Sam Evans ­ Tabla
are joined by shakuhachi player Anne Norman in Music for the Soul Series in the fantastic acoustics of the Northcote Uniting Church.
The last Fine Blue Thread concert in this venue with Anne Norman and was sold out. Arrive early for tickets.

Jan 24th 2010: A Summer Meditation in Taste, Sound & Flora

A Summer MeditationKaiseki (multi course dinner) by Hide’ Shibata; Shakuhachi (Zen bamboo flute) by Anne Norman; Ikebana (live flower arrangements) by Shosho Shimbo.
Hide’ Shibata brings his culinary skill to the traditional art of Kaiseki, a multi course dinner using the best of seasonal produce, giving it a unique and modern interpretation.He is joined by Ikebana practitioner Shoso Shimbo and renowned Shakuhachi performer Anne Norman, bringing together the elements of spontaneous Zen arts in the form of fresh food, flower arrangement and sonic gestures from the bamboo flute.
Kaiseki 懐石 has its origins in a course of dishes served to welcome guests before serving tea in the Japanese Tea Ceremony. The delicate and subtle combinations of flavours will awaken your sense of taste to a whole new experience.
The Shakuhachi 尺八 was originally used by Zen monks to aid in their meditation. Its soulful sound will reach your spirit and take you on a peaceful journey.
Ikebana 生け花 is the art of Japanese flower arrangement. It is a creative art with a contemplative aspect and has strong links with Zen meditation. Through Ikebana, we can develop a sense of respect for nature and reflect upon the search for our place within the natural world.
At: Mitsuno, 16 Glenferrie Rd Malvern (Melbourne)