Dec 4th 2011: Advent Festival - Gregorian chant

In keeping with a tradition that dates back to medieval times, Anne Norman improvises solos in response to Gregorian chant sung by women’s voices.
Shakuhachi: Anne Norman
Chant: Canticum feminarum
Cantor: Helen Thomson
Date:  Sunday, December 4
Time:  3:30pm for the ‘None’ service
Venue:  Newman College Chapel, Parkville, Melbourne.

A part of the Newman college 2011 Advent Festival      Festival Brouchure for all eventsReader-32

"The combination of shakuhachi and female chanters is a match made in heaven. Not only was the sound of your playing exquisite, but I particularly appreciated the aptness and creativity of your improvisations". Gary Ekkel, Artistic Director, Advent Festival, Newman College.