Feb 23-27 2015 TAIKO Drums and Flutes of Japan - Victor Harbour to Adelaide. On tour with Toshi Sakamoto through NEXUS ARTS

Mar 1st 2015, Sunday 3pm - Whispered Shadows in Adelaide. A slow unfolding of spell-binding music involving zen meditations, improvisations and original compositions by Anne Norman  - shakuhachi, with guest artist Ryszard Pusz on percussion. Venue: The Chapel at the Migration Museum, 82 Kintore Ave, Adelaide, SA. Tickets through TryBooking.

"Even before the concert began, I was moved almost to tears, only having read the programme notes. Anne’s gift for words is shown already in the titles of her pieces: Sculpted Silence, Whispered Shadows, Outside my window, Rain Now and Thena poetic promise, abundantly fulfilled by the works and the performances that followed... In some of her own pieces, Anne alternates singing and playing in such a way that, after a while, as the melismas become more and more florid, you become unsure whether you are hearing her voice, or that of the flute, or both. Some of the most beautiful phrases were sheer, operatic colloratura, glowing with inner light, radiance and fluidity, but coming from a flute... In Anne’s work there is joy in the discovery that you are not an isolated being in an otherwise alien universe, that there is fulfilment in merging with the whole..."  - A Review by Melvyn Cann: FULL REVIEW HERE

Mar 25th 2015 - The life of a performer - a 2 hour guest lecture presentation for 3rd year students in the Bachelor of Applied Music program at Box Hill Institute, Victoria.

Mar 29th - Junko's Surprise 50th!! a private party, and what a party. Everyone loves Junko Sakamoto. I wrote a shakuhachi part over the top of a string quartet performing her beloved Pachabel's Cannon and a vocal line for her friends to sing. "Otanjoubi omedetou, happy, happy birthday, happy birthday Junko" ... and wrote it as a joyous thing, but Junko and her friends wept! Thanks Setsuko, Ami, Christine and Anna.

Apr 11th 2015, 4:15pm - Melbourne Didjeridu Festival.

solo shakuhachi and poetry and jamming with didj players in a beautiful outdoor setting in Templestowe. Whole program 11am to 10pm. At 'Wombat Bend' in Finns Reserve - Duncan Street - at the River end of Thompsons Rd. (near the corner of Foote & Templestowe Rd.) - Templestowe - Victoria.







Apr 12th 2015, 7:30pm - The Land that Speaks - Rainbow Shields (voice), Ondřej Smeykal (didgeridoo) - from the Czech Republic, Anne Norman (shakuhachi) - an evening of deep listening and heart felt sharing via the vibration and sounds of the Didgeridoo, Shakuhachi and Voice at the Hummingbird Eco Retreat, 183 Arthurs Seat, Red Hill,Victoria. With guest performers from Gamilaroi country in NSW: Gumaroy, Turtle and Deano.

Apr 18th 2015 - BRING YOUR JAPANESE ALIVE THROUGH DRAMA - Teaching and learning with drama conventions and interactive story-telling: Guest presenter at the JLTAV Annual Conference in Melbourne: on team with Yuko Fujimitsu (Japanese Language Advisor, Department of Education, Western Australia); Professor Jun Watanabe (Nihon University), President of Society for Acquisition-Oriented Learning; and Shingo Usami, Actor.

Late April 2015 - Heading to Tassie for recording in Launceston and a school school in Hobart

May 8th 2015, Friday 8pm - Izumi and Anne. A duo of 21 string koto and shakuhachi at Box Hill Community Centre. Sponsored by the Boite. Happily violin-bombed by Emily Sheppard.

May 15th 2015, Friday 7pm - 伝統の響きと舞 Lingering Evocations: Music and Dance from Japan - Izumi Fujikawa (21 koto, jiuta shamisen); Chikuho Fukushima (folk song, minyo Shamisen), Brandon Lee (koto), Anne Norman (shakuhachi), Suzaki Misaki (Story teller), Yumi Yoshimura (Jiutamai dance) and Ryokushi Nishizaki (Nihon buoy dance), Wadaiko Rindo (taiko drums), organised by Japan Club of Victoria at McKinnon Sec College Hall

May 17th 2015, 3:30pm Izumi & Anne in Gawler Room - part of the Japan Festival at Box Hill Town Hall.

May 18th to 22nd - touring Western Victoria - solo school shows.

May 25th 2015, TAIKO: Drums and Flutes of Japan - on tour in QLD with Toshi Sakamoto for a couple of weeks

June 1st 2015 - impro piece with Emily Sheppard (violin) and Robert Manley (cello) at a fundraising concert for Nepal in Moorooka, QLD

June 14th 2015, Sunday 3pm - Whispered Shadows in Witta, near Maleny, QLD: A slow unfolding of spell-binding music involving zen flute meditations, improvisations, poems and original compositions by Anne Norman  - shakuhachi, with guest artist Michael Whiticker. Venue & Bookings here: http://www.trybooking.com/120822

June 15-18 2015, school shows in Sydney through Nexus Arts. Including my solo show: Omusubi Kororin and Duo show with Toshi: Taiko: Drums and Flutes of Japan. photo by Shingo Usami.

June 17th 2015, 7pm Sydney: CANCELLED The Land that Speaks - An evening of Story and Song with Gumaroy Newman and Rachel Shields, and guest artists:  Anne Norman and Toshi Sakamoto. A journey through traditional story, song, and language from the land; with didgeridoo, shakuhachi flute, and taiko drum. Honouring the land and paying respect to the Ancestral Spirits. At Kundalini Yoga Collective Studio, Level One 199-201 King st, Newtown. $20 / $15. Tickets at the door.

June 19-21 Laura Aboriginal Dance Festival, QLD.

July 2015 - working on my novel

July 25th 2015 - Djilpin festival: Walking with Spirits in Beswick, NT - performing with elder song man, Victor, and with the songs and words of the Wagilak Sisters, and Tom E Lewis (didgeridoo) and Christopher Young (reeds).  Held at Malkgulumbu, Beswick Falls, a hidden treasure on Jawoyn Land in the South Western corner of Arnhem Land. An ancient playground, this incredible site is open to the public for one weekend, just once a year, when the Wugularr (Beswick) Community invites us to share their songs, stories, dance and music.

“We first experienced your special sound at ‘Walking with Spirits’ where your instrument created a synergy with the elder’s welcome song that brought a reverent silence that travelled me back in time …. When we heard of your Darwin tunnel performance we immediately cleared the diary and knew we were in for a special experience! We were not disappointed. The ‘afterglow’ of the concert lingered for hours … just amazing! A wonderful experience. It is puzzling how each piece brings you to a different place with a smoothness that never interrupts your cosmic journeys! Brilliant!” Deb Carr (audience member)

Early August 2015 - attended (as audience) open day @ Garma festival in Arnhem Land, NT. Forums, films, weaving, music and Bulgul dance with songmen, clapsticks and yidaki. Fabulous. Then time practicing in Nhulunbuy and exploring the Arafura coast. I jammed with members of the Barra Band at Yolngu Radio - love those Yolngu Songlines!

August 2015 - My bilingual musical "Issun Boshi: Inch High Samurai" was performed at Sale Primary school in Gippsland, Victoria. This is a bi-annual event and has become a central component of their Japanese language programme. Their middle school have performed it since 2007.   "We have just finished another very successful production of Issun Booshi... I think  our Issun Booshi actor this year, and maybe even the whole production may have been the best ever. We had about 200 kids from other primary schools who are learning Japanese here to watch it, so that was fantastic." Dianne Collins, Japanese teacher.

August 16th & 17th 2015, 7pm - Whispered Shadows a deep listening experience

Two Underground Performances in Darwin: 7pm; (90 mins incl. interval)
concert I: Sun 16th August 2015 Solo shakuhachi
concert II:
Mon 17th August 2015 Violin & shakuhachi explorations:
Emily Sheppard & Anne Norman
NB: Darwin-based violinist and improviser, Anja Tait, will join both concerts.
Performed within an exhibition of artworks by Rupert Betheras lining the walls of the tunnel.
Venue: WWII Oil Storage Tunnels, Kitchener Dve (near corner of Anchorage court), Darwin Wharf Precinct, beneath the cliffs.
Tickets: $25; $15. BYO folding chair
http://www.trybooking.com/IGMH Enquiries: 08 8985 6322 - Nellie at Darwin Tours
PDF flier: https://annenorman.files.wordpress.com/2015/07/darwin-shadows30.pdf
Press Release: https://annenorman.wordpress.com/2015/07/30/darwin-underground/
ABC interview in the tunnels with Vicki Kerrigan on 17th August. Starts at 34.50 minutes into their Drive Show: http://www.abc.net.au/radio/programitem/peOwLen1kD?play=true
And a short video clip by the ABC of a warm-up in the tunnels while tourists were wandering through. https://www.facebook.com/ABCDarwin/videos/vb.339639229872/10153695459044873/?type=2&theater

ABC OPEN article: Underground music echoes in Darwin WWII tunnels https://open.abc.net.au/explore/107291

Anne's JAPAN concert tour 2015

Supported by the Australian Government through the Australia Japan Foundation of the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade. アン・ノーマンはオーストラリア外務貿易商豪日交流基金より助成を受けております。

    • August 30th KOBE 4pm Inori no Katachi 祈りのかたち (A Prayer) ミナル川西宏子 (地唄舞)、松浪千壽(地唄)、and guest artist Anne Norman(尺八) join Minalu's dance students performing on the Ueda Noh stage 神戸長田の上田能楽堂 http://www016.upp.so-net.ne.jp/ueda-nohgakudo Otsuka-Cho 2-Chome 1-14, Nagata-Ku, Kobe, 〒653-0811 神戸市長田区大塚町2丁目1−14。Tel:  078-691-5449

    • September 3rd & 4th FUKUSHIMA - school and private performances

    • September 8th TOKYO performing for children in Touhou primary school, Choufu city. 桐朋小学校

    • September 12th KYOTO 6:45pm  VOICE OF BAMBOO: Shakuhachi, bansuri and tabla concert with Glen Kniebeiss (tabla) and Shyan Kishore      (bansuri) and Anne Norman (shakuhachi) at Kyoto Uzura Gallery, 58 Benkeiishi-cho, Sanjo Teramachi Nishiiru, Chuo-ku, Kyoto 604-8082. 京都三条うずらギャラリー、  京都市中京区三条通寺町西入弁慶石町58、 前売り2500円、当日3000円 Website: http://sound.jp/uzura/gallery_.html Tel: 0070-5500-1011(うずらギャラリー)

    • September 20th ARITA 4pm start (door open 3:30pm) 影のささやき Whispered Shadows -  shakuhachi recital at Komyo temple 光明寺 Sato, Hatsushima-cho, Arida city, Wakayama 和歌山県有田市初島町里1782。 前売り1500円、当日2000円 ご予約・お問い合わせ:Tel: 090-3949-3417

    • September 25th KIKUCHI 7pm (19:00時) 肥後古代の森「語りと尺八、箏の夕べ」The Ancient Forest of Higo - story teller, Ai Susaki 寿咲亜似 tells the story of Commander Keiu Matsuo and the midget submarines in Sydney Harbour, accompanied by shakuhachi (Anne), and koto (Izumi). Also features solo and duo music items by Anne and Izumi. Venue: 菊池市文化会館 小ホール, 九州。 ご予約・お問い合わせ:Tel: +81 (0)9044752352. Entry is free of charge. 入場無料

    • September  27th KUMAMOTO Castle 6pm (18:00時) Harvest Moon performance with  藤川いずみ Izumi Fujikawa (koto),  免出隆山 (尺八)、免出恵子、松田雅子、堀端京子、角田ちひろ(箏と三絃)。 ご予約・お問い合わせ:Tel: +81 (0)9044752352. Venue: 熊本城本丸御殿 入園料のみ 熊本城 名月鑑賞会

    • September  29th KUMAMOTO recording with 藤川いずみ (箏)

October 26 - Nov 10, 2015 - TAIKO Drums and Flutes of Japan - Perth. On tour with Toshi Sakamoto through NEXUS ARTS

October 26 2015 - Voicebox Fremantle - sharing poems on open mic at Blinko st café, Fibonacci centre, Freo

October 31, 2015 - Perth Poetry Club - "feature poet" sharing some of my recent poems. At The Moon Cafe, William St, Cnr Newcastle st Northbridge, WA

November 13th 2015 - 4pm - Yumi Umiumare’s PopUpTearoom series - actual, virtual and surreal ‘tearooms’ created through collaboration with a dancer, visual artist, media artist, tea ceremony, poetry, shakuhachi and Ikebana specialists, to deepen the interdisciplinary practice and approach. Artists: Yumi Umiumare (director/dance performer); Adam Wojcinski (performer/tea specialist); Anne Norman (musician/poet); Bambang N Karim (media artist); Dan West (sound artist); Gregory Lorenzutti (dance performer/ photographer); Riza Manalo (visual artist); Shoso Simbo (Ikebana/flower arrangement specialist). A CultureLAB creative development showing; Arts House 521 Queensberry Street, North Melbourne.

November 20th 2015 - Anne joins Adam Simmons as a part of his mammoth 100:25:1 project to jam with 100 of Melbourne's impro artists over 25 gigs! (The 1 being Adam: an ambitious and amazing saxophonist). These are the other artists on the 20th: Steve Law; Anne Norman; David Jones; Matt Thomas and of course Adam Simmons!
8pm Conduit Arts in Brunswick St, Fitzroy - a small gallery space that fits about 30-40 max... http://www.trybooking.com/JJHP Further information: 0407 803 801 www.100251.com.au
Woodwind multi-instrumentalist Adam Simmons will perform 25 concerts with four duets per night with 100 different musicians from rock/pop, jazz, experimental, world, folk, blues, classical, electronica and more. In addition, an installation will be built during the month, illustrating the ways in which the various artists all connect and recordings of all performances will be made available. The artists include: Anne Norman, Carolyn Connors, Clinton Green, David Chesworth, Eugene Ughetti, James Hullick, Janet English, John McAll, Julien Wilson, Kavisha Mazzella, Kutcha Edwards, Michael Kieran Harvey, Monique Dimattina, Paul Grabowsky, Robin Fox, Sam Lemann, Steve Purcell, Tony Gould, Warren Burt, Whitt and 80 more. You can listen to recordings of Adam Simmon's duets with 100 Melbourne musicians here http://www.100251.com.au/audio/ (Mine is in concert 17)

November 25th 2015 - 'Where Saltwater meets Sweetwater ' - Fine Blue Thread with Anne Norman - 6:00pm to 7:00pm at the Melbourne Recital Centre. 31 Sturt Street, Southbank, Melbourne, Australia 3006 Fine Blue Thread create music which is exquisite, intimate and uniquely Australian. With subtly poetic lyrics telling stories of characters journeying through our region, Helen Mountfort (cello) , Ria Soemardjo (voice), Sam Evans (tabla) and special guest Anne Norman (shakuhachi) perform sweet, moody and surprising music. Four well known Melbourne musicians deeply immersed in the music traditions of Indonesia, India, Japan and Europe. Presented by Melbourne Recital Centre, Bookings - Https:// e.melbournerecital.com.au/ booking/production/ bestavailable/ 8563?performance

December 2015 - Recording "Seven TANKA" composed by Johanna Selleck, with Merlyn Quaife (soprano), Judith Dodsworth (soprano), Arwen Johnston (percussion) and Anne Norman (shakuhachi). For release on Tall Poppies.

December 31st 2015 - New Years Eve Chanting and Meditation with Jarek Czechowicz. 7:30pm to 1am. Jarek's guitar and chanting is accompanied by sound healer Ami Hasson playing world percussion, along with David James on alto flute, Costas on bass guitar and Anne on shakuhachi. Universal ecstatic chanting, natural meditation, contemporary kirtan, divine music, sacred sound, and a midnight meditation of flowing om chants. No drugs, no alcohol, and all love. Augustine Centre, Habitat Uniting Church, 2 Minona St Hawthorn VIC. http://www.trybooking.com/Booking/BookingEventSummary.aspx?eid=106827