Feature Albums

UP FROM THE DEEP CD the complete album - Absurd 003  2017

SEVEN TANKA for two sopranos, shakuhachi and percussion — music by Johanna Selleck, on Tall Poppies CD "The Prospect of Bower and Bliss" 2017

Beneath the Surface recorded in Tunnel Number Five, Darwin. Anne Norman (shakuhachi), Emily Sheppard (violin), Anja Tait (violin). 2016

Ocean Breath by Breath Trio: Sanshi (didgeridoo); Reo Matsumoto (beatbox); Anne Norman (shakuhachi). 2012

Jouissance - by Veriditas. Juliette Hughes (soprano); 
Tyrone Landau (tenor);
 Bradley Daley (baritone); Anne Norman (shakuhachi);
 Peter Neville (percussion);
 Nick Tsiavos (double bass); and chorus. SPECTRUM 1994

Breath of Creation - Anne Norman & Greg Dikmans. Baroque flute, recorders and Japanese shakuhachi. MOVE 1995

Kagome Nadoya Music & Dance Company.  Anne Norman (shakuhachi, ken tieu, ocarina, yokobue, kalimba, voice, bells); Satsusuki Odamura (koto, bass koto); Peter Neville (steel drum and percussion); Michael Hewes (electric bass, processing); Yumi Umiumare (voice and crutches)Recorded at Studio 52, AMN 1996

Driftwood - Anne Norman & Michael Livett.  shakuhachi, didjeridu, voice, dan tranh, kalimba... AMN 1996

Hildegard’s Blood - by Jouissance.  Deborah Kayser (soprano);
 Tyrone Landau (tenor);
 Anne Norman (shakuhachi); 
Peter Neville (percussion); 
Nick Tsiavos (double bass). Recorded in Studio 52 with Australia Council funding. 1997

Gift - Improvisations on shakuhachi and guitar. Anne Norman & Jarek Czechowicz. AMN 1998

Sounds of Global Harmony - Gyuto Monks, Sarah Hopkins, Anne Norman & Chris Neville. Tibetan chanting with cello, didjeridu and shakuhachi. Gyuto House 2000

Scent of Time Australian compositions for Asian instruments and voices.  Ros Bandt, Warrent Burt, Dang Kim Hien, Le Tuan Hung, Anne Norman, and Wang Zheng-Ting Australia Asia Foundation AAF 2002

Hildegard's Dead - Jouissance Deborah Kayser (soprano);
 Tyrone Landau (tenor);
 Anne Norman (shakuhachi); 
Peter Neville (percussion); 
Nick Tsiavos (double bass). Recorded live by the ABC at the Adelaide Festival 2002

Akathistos Fragments Jouissance. Deborah Kayser - soprano, Jerzy Kozlowski - bass-baritone, Anne Norman ­ shakuhachi, Peter Neville ­ percussion, Nick Tsiavos ­ double bass/artistic director. ABC Classics 2005

Up the Creek - Compositions about rivers and creeks by Dindy Vaughan.  Shakuhachi (Anne Norman) and harpsichord (Peter Hagen). Nominated for an Australian Classical Music Award. Cracked Records 2005

On the Wings of a Butterfly - cross-cultural music by Australian composers. Ros Bandt; Brigid Burke; Warren Burt; Le Tuan Hung; Deborah Kayser; Anne Norman; Ria Soemardjo; Dinidy Vaughan. Shakuhachi, voice, clarinet, harpsichord, dan tranh, electronics... MOVE Records 2005

Fractions of Illumination: Electro-acoustic works by Women Composers. Ros Bandt, Brigid Burke, Dang Kim Hien, Anne Norman, Catherine Schieve. Sonic Gallery 2009

Other artists CDs featuring Anne Norman

  • Prospect of Bower and Bliss - works by Johanna Mary Selleck featuring Merlyn Quaife (soprano); Judith Dodsworth (soprano); Arwen Johnston (percussion); Caroline Almonte (piano); Anne Norman (shakuhachi). 2016. Tall Poppies TP 240.  Review: https://oconnellthemusic.com/2017/04/06/pastoral-power/
  • BLUEPRINT – an album by Fine Blue Thread Ria Soemardjo (voice); Helen Mountfort (cello); and Sam Evans (Tabla). Anne's shakuhachi features on track 1 & 3. 2015
  • Into the Deep - Jane Belfrage (Australian double-strung harp) and associate artists HARPBEAT 2004
  • Burning House Satsuki Odamura 1997 Australian Music Centre  'Burning House' won the 1998 Sounds Australian Award for the 'Most Distinguished Contribution to the Presentation of Australian Music by an Individual'. It is a CD of Australian works for the koto and includes Anne's composition "Innerstates"
  • The Lies of Love - Monique Lisbon 1997 MonoMusic
  • Bitter Miracles - Gordon Thompson 1995
  • In Search of The Heart Treasure - the Jarek Czechowicz Ensemble 2001

DVD performances

  • Mikres Ikones - Jouissance DVD 2003

    soprano, shakuhachi, double bass and the federation hand bells

Movie Soundtrack performances

  • Heavens Burning - Screenwriter: Louis Nowra, Director: Craig Lahiff, Music: Michael Atkinson. 1997
  • Goddess of 1967 - director: Clara Law, Music: Jen Anderson. 2000
  • Sunrise at Midnight - director: Sean O’Brien. 2001
  • The Way Back - director: Samuel MacGeorge, Music: Elizabeth Drake. 2002
  • Rice Balls directed by Shingo Usami, 2016

Documentary sound track


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Fractions of Illumination
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