Driftwood CD cover

Lush and expansive landscapes of multi-layered didj and shakuhachi give way to the delicate sounds of kalimba and plucked strings accompanied by the pure tones of the ocarina. A contemplative CD with an underlying sense of fun.

Duos and multitracked soundscapes featuring

  • Michael Livett
  • Anne Norman
  • shakuhachi, didjeridu, voice, found objects, guitar, kalimba, dan tranh, ocarina, dumbek ...


"The intensity, passion and sheer drama in this music defies easy explanation. ...Driftwood - musical treasures of a miriad shapes and sizes cast ashore on the beach of World Music. It sounds like the soundtrack to a movie and it will take you on a bit of a journey" Scot Gardiner, Editor in Chief of 'Didjnews' Oct 1997

"one of my favourites for early morning listening here in the groves of academe!! Sooths the savage beasts about..." Dr. Karl Neuenfeldt, Didjeridu scholar, Central Queensland University 1997

Released by AMN Productions AMN001, 1996

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