Sounds of Global Harmony

Sounds of Global Harmony CD cover

a unique collaboration with the GYUTO MONKS OF TIBET

  • Sarah Hopkins
  • Anne Norman - shakuhachi
  • Chris Neville - didgeridoo

Recorded in Australia during a tour of the Gyuto Monks, this CD presents the ancient harmonic chant tradition of Tibet with the music of composers Sarah Hopkins and Anne Norman: didgeridoo emerges from within the depths of the monks' chant; cello and shakuhachi wend melodic lines above rich textures of whirlies and didg; a subtle interplay of cello with the chant of a solo monk; the melancholy of a solo shakuhachi performing with a chorus of monks; the spontaneous beauty of an improvised duo of cello and shakuhachi performed in response to working with the monks...

Sound Samples are available on the Gyuto House website


"For the first time in their 2,500 year history, the Gyuto Monks of Tibet bring their ancient traditions of spiritual chant into collaboration with western musicians. The resultant experience is deeply transformational ..." Kerry Harvey


Released by Gyuto House, 2000
Proceeds of the sale of this CD help support
the refugee monks of Gyuto Tantric University