'Jouissance have a very passionate following for their work, with a growing audience. I always feel it a privilege to hear them perform.' Zsuzsi Soboslay. Canberra Times, May 2010.

'........the night's instrumental beauties came in the unpredictable passages: the breathy elliptical Japanese flute work of Norman, Tsiavos' wide-ranging bass support, and the assortment of gongs, metal sheets and cymbals that Neville applied to the texture: subtle ornamentation of the ensemble's solid and daring structure.' Clive O'Connell The Age June 2003

"...the extraordinary impact of their enterprising fusion of old and new, East and West, Latin and Byzantine... [Their] near hysteric outpourings... to the serene ... combined discipline and freedom... a barrier-breaking treat." The Age, Melbourne 11/3/02

" enthralling experience, meditative, impassioned, sensual and uplifting, with moments of striking beauty." The Advertiser , Adelaide 11/3/2002

"The Australians charm with their originality. ...the music disappears between the two worlds of reality and unreality. The musicians were able to perfectly convey the archaic ether, their ectasy became a part of the audience." Toomas Kuter, Parnu Postimees, Estonia 13/8/99. Translated by Taavi Piibemann

"...[Jouissance] has realised a soundworld that is much more than an accompaniment to the lyrics of Hildegard and Abelard, it is a highly imaginative evocation of the very aura of rapture to which these lyrics so often aspire." Soundscapes, Australia May 1994

"...wrenchingly ecstatic... Jouissance displays elegance, linear firmness and a deep spirituality in its performances. of this year's concert going delights. Jouissance cannot be commended highly enough". Clive O'Connell, The Age, Melbourne August 1997

"The best of the locals [for the 1997 season] ... was Jouissance. [My] longing for adventurousness was gratified ...these musicians produced an experimental fusion that gave its audience a rich aesthetic experience." Review of 1997 music season in Melbourne, The Age, December 1997

Audience reaction:

"...the most beautiful sound that I have encountered in this life thus far is the music of Jouissance!  At the time, that was the C.D. Hildegard's Dead. I have now revised that thought after hearing you all live. It was magnificent." Steve Pitman who drove 4 hours to get to a Jouissance gig in Melbourne.

"Only the second time I have wept at a concert in my life" Jan Lancaster - visual artist

"I would like to say how much I enjoyed your Akathistos Fragments. I have a CD of Byzantine music which I find heavy going. Your music that mixed the Byzantine so creatively with modern intruments was just wonderful. I won't detail each performer's attributes, each one seemed to eclipse the last..." Roz Rogers

"My wife dragged me here against my will. I wanted to watch the football tonight. But after five minutes of listening to Jouissance, I was spell bound and completely forgot the football until I came out the other end 90 mesmeric minutes later. So glad I came. Thank you." Anon male

"The most beautiful music I have ever heard." Neil McLaughlin - instrument designer, composer, director of Australia Bell