Curriculum Vitae

Anne Michelle Norman
Born 25th June 1961




  • Bachelor of Music (University of Melbourne 1979-1982)
  • Postgraduate Diploma in Education (University of Melbourne 1983)
  • Master of Arts in Ethnomusicology (Monash University 1988-1989)
  • Diploma in Japanese (Osaka Univ of Foreign Studies 1990)
  • Shakuhachi performance (Tokyo Univ of Fine Art & Music 1990-91)
  • Small Business Management (NEIS through DEET 1996)

Brief Employment History
  • 2017 released the CD: Up From the Deep; Artistic Director of "Tunnel Number Five: festival of underground music" in Darwin, inviting local and interstate artists; composing and performing in Hastings Cave, Tasmania with Emily Sheppard; continuing to tour the country performing solo and duo shows (with Toshi Sakamoto) in schools through Nexus Arts; performance poetry presentations in different cities; sessional recordings.
  • 2016 time in the Tarkine wilderness in NW Tasmania writing eco-poetry and music with violinist Emily Sheppard; released the CD: Beneath the Surface; Artistic Director of "Tunnel Number Five: festival of underground music" in Darwin, inviting local and interstate artists to perform collaborative music featuring two songmen from Arnhem Land.
  • 2015 guest performer at "Walking with Spirits" in Beswick, Arnhem Land; premiered two concerts in the WWII Oil storage tunnels under Darwin with two viloinists; solo concert tour of Japan
  • 2014 premiered new composition "Whispered Shadows" in Launceston, Tasmania - featuring sung harmonies and lyrics while blowing shakuhachi.
  • 2013 released the CD: Ocean Breath; concert tour of Japan with the trio Breath.
  • 2010-2013 Continuing to perform across Australia in schools through Nexus Arts. Many engagements as Tea Raconteur and producing performances in collaborations with tea masters and musicians from many cultural backgrounds for bodies such as the OzAsia Festival and the Boite World Music Cafe. Regional tour in WA with "Nonchalant Bombasi-tea". Work as sessional recording artist (on shakuhachi) continues.
  • 2009 Absurd Publications is established as main ABN with ACN. Published first book Curiosi-tea in 2009, which sold-out 3000 copies.
  • 2008-2010 Research trips to Japan, China and India for tea and music.
  • 2001 Tutor in the honours music program and sessional teacher in the 'Centre for Ideas' at the Victorian College of the Arts
  • 1992-2008 Freelance Musician under the business name of AMN Productions; improvisation, performance, music & artistic director roles, and composing for a range of instruments / choral; subcontracting other performers and producing work for Festivals & concert series; intercultural performances in schools & theatre; performances in Melbourne, Sydney, rural Vic & NSW, Perth, Hobart, Adelaide, Canberra, Tasmania; and overseas in Japan, America and Europe. Much of this work involved the administration of Arts grants from bodies such as the Australia Council, Arts Vic, the Sidney Myer Fund
  • 1992-94 Part time Research assistant for the Japanese Music Archive at Monash University, & on scholarship to do PhD (not completed)
  • 1990-92 Shakuhachi performance studies at Tokyo University of Fine Art & Music on a Japanese Government Scholarship. Several recitals, including two major concerts in Tokyo & Kobe of my own compositions for traditional Japanese instruments. Awarded first prize in the `Overseas Students Music Contest of Japan' by the Japan International Cultural Exchange Foundation.
  • 1988-89 MA in Ethnomusicology at Monash University on scholarship. Also studied 3 semesters of Japanese Language at Monash.
  • 1986-88 Traveled through SE Asia studying indigenous musics & cultures. Lived in Japan for 18 months teaching English in Secondary schools and to young children and adults. Studied Japanese music privately in Kobe and formed an ensemble called 'The Kansai Wagakki Players' which did numerous performances and TV appearances.
  • 1984-85 Taught music at Braemar College in Woodend Victoria
  • Intermediate Japanese
  • very rusty German