Repertoire - Baroque Works

JS Bach - Siciliano and Allegro from the Eb Flute sonata

The ever popular siciliano has been played on many instruments, but the shakuhachi's beautiful haunting tones perfectly match this exquisite movement. The Allegro is essentially a trio movement, where the RH of the harpsichord part is on equal footing with the flute line. The bass line makes up the third part.

G.F .Handel (1685-1759) - Flute Sonata opus 1 No. 2 in G minor

larghetto ~ andante~ adagio~ presto

Published by 1722, this may have been written as early as 1711. The andante movement is Italian in its origin and could equate to an Italian courante movement while the presto is clearly a stylised gavotte redolent of the ornamented "double" treatment of the French tradition where an ornamented version of a dance would somewhat obscure the original dance's form.

Jacques Hotteterre - Suite in E minor

Prelude; Branle de Village; Menuet I & II

Hotteterre (1674-1763) was the most illustrious member of the famous 17th & 18th century French family of woodwind instrument makers, court instrumentalists and composers. He published many volumes of flute music and treatises on how to play the flute. This Suite in E minor was published in 1715 with a total of twelve movements or dances. Anne performs this work on a five holed 2.1 (B) shakuhachi which lends a beautiful tone to the flute line - not the sound of a wooden transverse Baroque flute or a modern silver flute, but a new timbre which sounds at home with the genre.

Jean-Philippe Rameau (1683-1764) - Gavotte and Variations (arr. Norman 2001)

Written for solo harpsichord in 1728, this Gavotte is followed by six variations, each one more elaborate and lively than the previous, featuring virtuosic passages for the harpsichordist. Inspired by this beautiful piece, Anne wrote a shakuhachi accompaniment which sparingly supports and highlights the soloistic harpsichord lines.

George Frederick Handel (1685-1759) - Water Music (2002)

Air & Hornpipe & 'Alla Hornpipe'

Handel's Water Music serenaded George I in 1715 at a river-party on the Thames with up to 50 musicians performing on floating barges. Tonights performance includes three movements from the Horn Suite in F Major and the Trumpet Suite In D Major, based on an arrangement for solo harpsichord by Geminiani.