Repertoire - Japanese Works

Distant Cry (Shika no Tone) (arr. Hagen/Norman 2001)

Arguably the most famous of the shakuhachi honkyoku repertoire, Shika no Tone was written for two players. Performed tonight on harpsichord & shakuhachi, Peter has developed performance techniques to meet the micro-tonal & subtle timbral demands of the music. The original duo is said to depict two deer standing atop separate mountain tops calling to one another. Upon hearing this unconventional arrangement, Japanese dancer, Machiko Kaneko, observed that it felt to her as The Cry of Nature and Humanity's Response.

Miyagi Michio - 'Spring Sea' (Haru no Umi)

Composed in 1929 as a duo for shakuhachi & koto (a 13 string zither), it has since been performed all over the world in various arrangements including violin & piano and flute & orchestra. QS are perhaps the first to perform it on harpsichord & shakuhachi. This work is composed in a style which combines European & traditional Japanese compositional techniques by the leading koto performer & composer of the day.