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Japanese Music demonstrations & Story Telling

Anne Norman performs in schools throughout Australia as a soloist and in combination with Toshi Sakamoto presenting shows which introduce Australian children of all ages to Japanese music and culture. Her work in schools incorporates Japanese language, shakuhachi and other Japanese instruments.


Anne has performed in schools through Nexus Arts in every state and territory of Australia since 1997. She has also assisted many schools to develop their own bilingual musical productions.



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Freecall 1800 675 897 for country/ interstate schools.
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Anne tours nation-wide with four shows for schools:


KASA JIZO and the Wonderful Hat Song











Anne is an engaging raconteur, presenting an interactive performance of her re-write of an old Japanese folk tale. Anne presents history, Japanese language and personal anecdotes and then launches into a quirky narration in rhyming English couplets with scattered Japanese vocab. The tale is supported by projections of photos and children’s drawings. Students sing, dance and play traditional Japanese instruments in accompaniment to this heart-warming tale of two children unexpectedly spending new year with an old couple they had never met before. 

"Absolutely brilliant!!!!  It had everything, Japanese language, art, music, maths, history, drama. It involved the students in the story.  It was totalling engaging and even the classroom teachers were greatly inspired...  The children just loved it!!  I was so impressed by what they learned and retained from this one hour session...  The school was buzzing. Some of the boys want to perform the wonderful hat song in the talent quest later in the year. All the children remembered the song and even the meaning of all the words. Very catchy tune. Has been stuck in my head for the past couple of days..." Sue Palmer, Balgowlah Heights, NSW.

"Thanks for the great performances today! ...Your shakuhachi piece was fantastic. I wish I could forget about the students and listen to your shakuhachi for hours..." Atsuya Kotoda, Pacific Pines, QLD.

" aural delight! Anne's performance embodies all that makes communication über-engaging. Most of our kids may never have experienced this art of story telling. Beautiful." Nulsen Primary School, WA.




 “Great presenter / storyteller / musician! Exposure to Japanese culture, language, food, music... very worthwhile! Entertaining! Student involvement was terrific and the simple sound effects were very effective. The use of children’s drawings was great too. A lovely story.” St Marks, Vic 8-10 years

“Learnt and love the song – it’s a mainstay of our Japanese language lessons now! Fantastic – kids were thoroughly engaged and interested.” Willaura PS

“A great session presented in a fun and very informative fashion. Students displayed enthusiasm, listened intently and participated well. How Anne can present this to group after group without showing lack of energy or enthusiasm - I don’t know! Excellent.” Brighton Beach Priary School, Vic. Grade 6 logoPDF

"Many students were heard attempting to incorporate the japanese words in their conversations during the days following the sessions!" St Mary's College, Seymour, P-6 with no LOTE or Japanese program at the school.

Suitability: Prep to 7 for mixed age groups - the little ones bring wonder to the show, and the older ones bring skills... a magic combo! If you can, please thoroughly mix the ages in the audience. Lots more fun that way!
Audience Size: min 100 - max 180 students per session. (Minimum booking of 2 sessions per school.)
Cost: $5.50 per head + GST
Duration: 60 minutes each session (allow a little extra for extended questions)


O-Musubi Kororin - Rice ball tumble tumbling

 A unique hands-on and interactive performance of this much-loved Japanese folk tale in rhyming English with Japanese vocab scattered throughout. Anne¹s humorous narration is supported by projections of beautiful drawings. Students sing, dance and play traditional Japanese instruments in accompaniment to this cautionary tale of greed and its consequences.


An adventure Fairy Tale with a kind old man, treasure, singing mice, greed and a mystery ending...

"The children were totally engaged, loved playing the instruments and the active participation. They were delighted with the story line and were able to retell the story very well and write their own interesting endings." Edithvale Primary School, Vic.

"This amazing, interactive performance had the students completely engrossed. Anne's creativity, musical ability and Japanese language skills are outstanding." Greenmount PS

"Action packed with many "hands on" experiences for the students. A thoroughly professional and exciting learning experience." Living Waters Lutheran College, WA.

"The performance was great... there was a lot of humour going on in there! Some kids got up and made background noises, some danced and some just so involved with laughing! ...we all had a great time." Roberts McCubbin Primary School, Vic. See full review. 

logoPDFSuitability: Prep to 7 for mixed age groups (not lower levels only). The little ones bring wonder to the show, and the older ones bring skills... a magic combo!  The music making that results with older kids present is much more satisfying. The little ones feel thoroughly empowered by being supported by the older students' skills, and the older students get a lot more joy from sharing the fun with the younger ones.
Audience Size: min 100 - max 180 students per session. (Minimum booking of 2 sessions per school.)
Cost: $5.50 per head + GST
Duration: 60 minutes each session















TAIKO Drums and Flutes of Japan


What is the sound of one hand clapping? NOTHING LIKE THIS!!


This highly energetic, visually exciting and entertaining Japanese music performance incorporates performance and audience participation to give students a greater understanding of Japan, both culturally and historically. Instruments include shakuhachi and yokobue (flutes), taiko (drums of various sizes) and a variety of other percussion instruments. Students join in the drumming and songs and have a go at festival dancing. Japanese language can be included for schools who teach Japanese.

A fast moving, loud and humorous show, involving student participation, jointly presented by Anne Norman and Toshi Sakamoto. Toshinori is a master TAIKO drummer. He founded RINDO DAIKO in Kyushu as well as several Taiko teams in Melbourne since settling here in '95. He performs regularly in Festivals and schools throughout Australia and Japan.

Umi1S"Wonderful, the students were enthralled." CCEGGS, Vic.

"Very impressed - a great opportunity for an activity crossing curriculum boundaries." MacKillop Catholic College, ACT

"Excellent, informative and interactive; the students were fascinated." St Clare's College, ACT

photo of Anne and Toshi at Lathlain Primary, WA 2012 by

"Dear Toshi and Anne,  It was very exciting to see and hear the Japanese instruments being played, and your traditional costumes looked cool. I liked it when you played cymbal tennis. It was really peaceful when I closed my eyes and Anne played the shakuhachi, and when you walked around me it felt magic, like a calm waterfall. I liked when you put your arms up really high and brought them down and banged the big taiko, your taiko drumming was awesome! It was funny when you got four teachers on stage to dance and play the taiko drums! I liked the fishing song, how we chanted different words. And last of all, the best part was when you got my classmates on stage. We all learnt a lot and had heaps of fun. I can't wait until you come back." comments from year 5 students at Surrey Downs Primary School in South Australia, 2011.


"Unbelievable, a fantastic show that gave me 'goosebumps'. A show not to be missed." St Joan of Arc Primary School, SA

"A veritable feast of rhythm, entertainment and learning." Dampier Primary School, WA

More on their performance at Dampier Primary School, WA 2009 »


"Your performance yesterday was fantastic.  I loved the way you facilitated interaction with the audience in an entertaining and natural way. Please see our school blog". Margaret River Primary School, WA



Min. Audience: 140 students
Cost: $5.50 per head + GST
Suitability: Prep - Yr 12
Duration: 50 minutes 


Japanese Music Show

 An interactive presentation with hands on demonstrations of Japanese Musical Instruments


JapaneseMusicShowChHands on... energetic... infectious. Anne shares her enthusiasm for Japanese music, language & culture in a fun and highly engaging presentation. Students come away fired up about music, with a greater understanding of Japan, both culturally and historically. Instruments included in Anne's presentation are: shakuhachi (end blown bamboo flute), koto (13 string zither), fue (flute), taiko (drum) and various small percussion.

"Great!" Belair School

"THANK YOU for such an entertaining and interesting presentation" Toorak College, Vic.

"Excellent" Macarthur st Primary School, BallaratlogoPDF, Vic.