Lots of wilderness wandering; seeking quiet places for learning, inspiration and creation...

The ceiling decorations in this bedroom move!
Oh to keep my eyes open


In April this year I travelled to Tassie to make music with the wonderful Emily Sheppard giving three concerts, one in Launceston and two in Hobart - AFTER spending time in the Tarkine wilderness area in NW Tasmania - thanks to the support of the Bob Brown Foundation. Time spent listening to nature and learning about the plants and animals of this region...  putting our experience into music and poetry and share it with our audiences...

few birds sing or dart through absent undergrowth and brittle canopies;
no quolls lope, nor devils lurk;
but ferns unfurl green spiral scrolls crowning wiry charcoaled skirts;
and stately gums all clad in black, like father of the bride,
adorn their chests with buttonholes of verdant life…

Husshh… hearing takayna

  • Friday April 1st: Design Tasmania Centre, Corner Tamar/ Brisbane St, Launceston, 7:30pm
  • Saturday April 2nd: Baha’i Centre, 1 Tasman Hwy, Hobart, 7:30pm
  • Sunday April 3rd: Mt Wellington Observation Shelter, Pinnacle Rd Wellington Park, 5:30pm

Anne Norman: Shakuhachi, poetry
Emily Sheppard: Violin
Andrea Breen: Viola
(Hobart shows only):

See my TARKINE blogs about this adventure:

Our takayna/Tarkine wilderness period was made possible by the BBF. 

“It was very moving and evocative and quite overwhelming. I was easily transported ...  trees swaying; ash around me… very vivid…  The music and poetry were highly complimentary... And it was beautiful how you moved around the space; it gave us a sense of being in the forest." Anne Bliss, audience member

There was an overwhelming sense of this precious life always morphing and changing, and we are a part of that… but the forest is suffering … a deep tragedy… I am very touched.” Hania Watt, audience member

Sat April 9th 12 noon to 10pm: The 2016 Melbourne Didgeridoo and Cultural Festival.
Wombat Bend, Finns Reserve, Duncan st Templestowe. www.didgefestival.com.au


Fri May 6th 8pm to 10pm:

The Way of the Flower:
Stillness in a World Gone Mad

finding our place within nature,
through ikebana, music and poetry

Shoso Shimbo – ikebana
Brandon Lee
– koto

Anne Norman – shakuhachi

Presented by the Boite for Matsudo Week.
Box Hill Community Arts Centre,
470 Station St., Box Hill, Victoria.
Bookings: 03 9417 1983


May 13 - 25, 2016 in Brisbane with Toshinori Sakamoto performing in schools through NEXUS ARTS


June 22 to July 15 -  the long road north...

miles of mallee scrub
silos stand in golden sky

wide, flat wheat country

no wind, no rain: still
even the earth sometimes rests
no sound at all: Peace

red sky fades to green
black silhouettes surround me
deep orange camp fire

trails of coral spore;
and a somersaulting emu
populate the sky

i want to sleep, but
galaxies, nebulae, stars
call to me all night

July 25 - Aug 11, 2016 in Perth performing in schools through NEXUS ARTS

Aug 6th, Sat 6:30pm Cantillations:
shakuhachi, voice and eco-poetry

Anne Norman (bamboo flute, poetry)
Sarah Wilmot (improvisational singer)
Peter Grayling (cello)
Sanshi (didgeridoo)

A slow unfolding of shakuhachi Zen meditations, spoken word, improvisations and original compositions

The Fremantle Fibonacci Centre, 19 Blinco St, Fremantle WA. Food available at Blinco Street Café (BYO)

"Just back from the Fibonacci Centre where torrents of rain on the tin roof,
thunder and the sounds of logs burning in the open grate intensified the elemental spell of
Cantillations: Shakuhachi, voice and eco-poetry. Magical!"
Annamaria Weldon

"What a great show you treated us to in Fremantle last night. Your performance really brought the poetry to life. I left with vivid images and soundscapes of birds, places and emotions I never before visited. I loved the collaboration with the vocalist and didgeridoo. Listening to you play shakuhachi with Peter Grayling on cello was absolutely magical." Tineke Van der Eecken


Release of a new Album "BENEATH THE SURFACE" music; poetry; sparkling impro collabs; and a dragon! - recorded in Tunnel Number Five under Darwin in 2015.
Click on album (above) or have a listen to the demo
- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=igCJ7gnt1EA

“The music and poetry flows effortlessly from the first to the last track to create a mesmerising journey which is rich in colours, pace and emotion… The improvisations reveal the exceptional power of collective and spontaneous creativity… The last track, Beneath the Surface, is so rich in audio images that it sounds almost like an artistic cinematic soundtrack condensed into a timeline of less than 7 minutes.” Le Tuan Hung, Sonic Gallery. Full Review Here.

August 16 - 20, 2016
Tunnel Number Five:
Festival of Underground Music

curated by Anne Norman,
Artistic director

Anne Norman shakuhachi
Anja Tait
Netanela Mizrahi
Ernie Gruner
Jason Gurruwiwi
& Sebastian Burrawanga Yolngu songmen
Henk Rumbewas
West Papuan song and dance
Sarah Hopkins
cello, harmonic voice, whirlies, hand-bells

a series of five concerts staged inside Darwin’s historic WWII Oil Storage Tunnels … August 16th to 20th  2016

intimate, unplugged music in a reverberant subterranean venue
contemporary and traditional; contemplative and unusual

Concerts and booking info: https://tunnelnumberfive.com

One felt that Norman’s ears, eyes and pores were open to the tunnel and her colleagues whenever she appeared on stage…  the highlight of the evening was the amalgamation of  [Yolngu] songmen and shakuhachi – the audience responding overwhelmingly to this fusion of North East Arnhem Land and Japanese traditions…  It was an inspired series from Norman… who clearly worked tirelessly and passionately to bring her vision to fruition – not only recognising her own dreams, but allowing others to dream also.”
Roslyn Perry, Managing Editor, Off The Leash,
Saturday 20 August 2016: REVIEW: Deep Within the Belly


August 24- Sept 27, 2016 ...the long road trip south

rock pool to rock pool
life cascades down ancient path
ways through sacred land


Sept 17th Saturday, 6pm
Sculpted Silence
solo shakuhachi and eco poetry
in the gorgeous acoustics of the underground

Serbian Orthodox Church
off Flinders St, Coober Pedy, South Australia



Oct 20, 2016 - LISA GERRARD - "The Blank Page" in the Melbourne Festival, Hamer Hall.

performing shakuhachi in Lisa Gerrard's backing band with Astrid Williamson keyboards/vocals;
David Kuckhermann
percussion; Gabriella Smart keyboards; Helen Mountfort cello:
Arf Arf
sound poets: Marisa Stirpe, Frank Lovece and Michael Buckley.

"Her musicians were attired as medieval courtesans, or maybe angels, offering cello, bamboo flute, congas and keys to the sonic cathedral where the high priestess channelled her message of love. Yep, channelled. "Singing" doesn't describe the way Gerrard commands the air to behave, rumbling from the deep and soaring to astonishing contralto highs, ringing in endless caverns of reverb, somehow more revelation than invention." Michael Dwyer, The Age, Oct 22

"Lisa Gerrardとの共演,とても感動しました! 新しい世界観。一つでも何かが欠けると駄目になるバランス感覚。あの中に尺八がいることが何よりも嬉しかったです!"  [I was so moved by the ensemble performance with Lisa Gerrard. It was a glimpse into a whole new world. Whenever I felt that somehow the sense of balance was lacking, shakuhachi would enter and I would be filled with an indescribable joy]. Yoshinori Kamizono 神薗善規 audience member.

Oct 27,28, 2016 in Canberra with Toshinori Sakamoto performing in schools through NEXUS ARTS

Nov 19 2016 - private wedding performance in Tasmania

Dec 29 2016 - Husshh... 4pm a private house concert with Emily Sheppard in Mornington, Vic

December 31st 2016 - New Years Eve Chanting and Meditation with Jarek Czechowicz. 7:30pm to 1am. Jarek's guitar and group chanting; percussion by Maddison Carter; Bass by Costa Hagi; chants performed by Diana Clark-de Vries playing hand harmonium; shakuhachi by Anne Norman. Start the new year on a foundation of peace, love and well being. No drugs, no alcohol, and all love. Augustine Centre, Habitat Uniting Church, 2 Minona St Hawthorn VIC. http://www.trybooking.com/Booking/BookingEventSummary.aspx?eid=106827