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Anne Norman is a shakuhachi performer, improviser and composer, working in a diverse range of music creation. From traditional and contemporary Japanese, European and Australian art music, to cross-over fusion, and free-form impro with musicians of various cultural heritages. Anne also collaborates with visual artists, dancers and actors, and has performed in Australia, Japan, America and Europe.

"Anne ‘sings’ the pure voice of the shakuhachi with the sense of freedom and sheer ecstasy of a gifted singer!" Mareid Sullivan, Alternate Music Press, May 2011

Anne is Artistic Director of Tunnel Number Five: festival of underground music in Darwin. She is also a poet and author of the book Curiosi-tea under the nom de plume Camellia Cha, presenting theatrical Tea shows combining narrative, poetry and shakuhachi. Her tea shows range from one-woman presentations to larger productions with up to ten performers on stage.

" The highlight of the evening was the amalgamation of [Yolngu] songmen and shakuhachi – the audience responding overwhelmingly to this fusion of North East Arnhem Land and Japanese [flute]…  It was an inspired series from Norman… who clearly worked tirelessly and passionately to bring her vision to fruition – not only recognising her own dreams, but allowing others to dream also.” Roslyn Perry, Managing Editor and Development Manager, Off The Leash, Saturday 20 August 2016: REVIEW: Deep Within the Belly

"The shakuhachi of Anne Norman showed how moving and vocal this instrument can be in an emotionally mobile context." Clive O'Connell, The Age, Melbourne 9 April 2005

"Performer extraordinaire Anne Norman captured the dry humour of her book ... In the spirit of the best European stage melodramas ... emotive tragedies... hilarious parodies. Filled to the brim, the Space Theatre echoed with laughter, ebullient melodies and reflective stillness." Daniela Kaleva, Australian Stage Reviews, 29 Sept 2010


“…like birdsong, but not; like wind, but not; like no other sound, but something higher. It was as if she could lure pixels of sound… and whip them into line with the control of her breath; the organizer of dust from all time, of light, of being in tune. Eyes bowed, head bowed, fingers making notes through wood, tongue focused, lips both giving and receiving, breath controlled…  a master of improvisation and adventure.” - Hitting the right note, TAS WEEKENDS, The Mercury, 2014

"Anne Norman is one of Australia's most adventurous artists." Therese Virtue, Director of the Boite World Music Cafe and presenter of Music Sans Frontiers, 3CR radio. 2013.

"Some of the most beautiful phrases were sheer, operatic colloratura, glowing with inner light, radiance and fluidity, but coming from a flute..." Melvyn Cann 2015, Adelaide.

"Anne Norman demonstrates her mastery of the shakuhachi as well as her in-depth understanding of the spirit of Japanese contemplative music in her exquisite rendering of traditional Japanese Zen music... [Her] original compositions for shakuhachi are beautiful works. Rain Now and Then is a stream of delicate melodies born of a masterful control of breath. In Whispered Shadows, soft multi-phonic elements of the shakuhachi and voice come and go behind or in-between walking rhythms of recurring patterns, creating a surreal impression." Le Tuan Hung: Sonic Gallery 2016


Sketch by Robyn Lees, Denmark, WA 2011; photo by Daryl Gordon, Mornington, Vic 2010.