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Anne ‘sings’ the pure voice of the shakuhachi with the sense of freedom and sheer ecstasy of a gifted singer! Mareid Sullivan, celtic singer/song writer, film-maker, May 2011

Anne is also author of the book Curiosi-tea under the nom de plume Camellia Cha, presenting theatrical Tea shows combining narrative, poetry and shakuhachi. Her tea shows range from one-woman presentations to larger productions with up to ten performers on stage.

Performer extraordinaire Anne Norman captured the dry humour of her book ... In the spirit of the best European stage melodramas ... emotive tragedies... hilarious parodies. Filled to the brim, the Space Theatre echoed with laughter, ebullient melodies and reflective stillness. Daniela Kaleva Australian Stage Reviews, 29 Sept 2010 



Anne Norman is one of Australia's most adventurous artists. Therese Virtue, Director of the Boite World Music Cafe and presenter of Music Sans Frontiers, 3CR radio. 2013.

The shakuhachi of Anne Norman showed how moving and vocal this instrument can be in an emotionally mobile context. Clive O'Connell, The Age, Melbourne 9 April 2005

Sketch by Robyn Lees, Denmark, WA 2011; photo by Daryl Gordon, Mornington, Vic 2010.